What is Betfair Trading?

For those of you that have just come to learn about this exciting world at Betfair, this can be overwhelming.

Looking at the charts, the flashing numbers that keep changing or moving; this can be all confusing.

Even with my accounting background, the first time that I saw the charts, I was confused. But good news is this; there is not much to it. It is so easy to understand once you calm down and look at it critically. Good for you, you have someone like me simplifying it for you. In my own case, there was no one. I was all alone. In your own case, you won’t be. We are in this together. My desire is to expose this amazing form of making money online to as many people as possible.

Betfair or Sport trading is truly simple when you look at what we are trying to do. With Betfair trading, you are simply trying to place two different bets, one a Back Bet and the other a Lay Bet on the same event. Both bets will be at different prices to guarantee we have a positive result irrespective of the final result of the event. Amazing, isn’t it? It is as you will soon find out.

See the image below:

You can click on the image to expand it.

Take a look at the two bets on the right hand side of the screen and see the result on the left side of the image. If I can successfully place the 2 bets, I will achieve a situation where I will make money irrespective of the final result. In fact I can move to my next game after successfully doing this.

This is what trading is all about. That is the right scenario. But sometimes this may not work well and may result in a loss situation. We learn to manage or control the few it goes against us.

Let me reiterate what I just said above. It is not all the time that the trades will result in a profit. Sometimes we may loose, but most times we will win. It is the more wins that make it worthwhile. Hope you are following. Take a look again at the image above, checking out in particular the 2 bets to be executed.

Betfiar trading can be compared to Stock trading which is the buying and selling of company shares at the Stock Exchange. The concept is the same – Buy Low and Sell High. Trading is same all over. Even the market women in your local market do the same. They buy low and sale high thereby making a profit.

Why Betfair Trading?

This is a good question. As you can see from our illustration above, Betfair trading is a superior way to make money with sports than with just outright Backing or Laying which is referred to as Gambling. In trading, you are working with the short term trends and this is easy to predict than trying to predict what will happen over a long period.

By Trading, we can make short regular profits which soon adds up.

Ask me and I will tell you that trading is the only way to go with making money betting on sports in this modern world, thanks to the internet and BETFAIR.

With trading, once you find a strategy that works, you can make money every day. You can start small and gradually increase your trading stakes as you gain more experience and discover what works for you.

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