Advantages of Using a Betting Exchange Like Betfair

The Betting exchanges have changed the way we bet forever. Let us look at some of the advantages of a Betting Exchange like Betfair over the historic betting sites as we use to know them.

Exchanges in most cases will offer you a better price or odd as against the customary Bookies who could just fix a price to favor them.

At the Exchanges, if we do not like the price on offer, we can put in our own price and hope for someone to take it. We can always get a better odd this way.

We can instead of Backing, turn around and Lay the selection. The ability to Lay is only available at the Betting Exchanges.

Betting exchanges will never close or limit your account because you are winning most of the time. Remember this has no direct effect on them as you are not betting against the house but against another player. The exchange will take their commission from the winner, so they gain no matter who wins. The Bookies will close or limit your account if they see you winning against them.

In addition to the better odds and the ability to place a LAY bet, you can make a lot of money on horses without studying the horse forms or record.

You think this is Impossible? No, it is not.

Now due to the ability to Back and Lay on the same event at the exchanges, Traders can now turn a profit whether the horse they select wins or losses. This is due to the fact that they can trade the Horse at the exchange.

Thanks to the Betting Exchanges, betting will never be the same again. The exchanges have made the word “gambling” obsolete. Ask the many people who now trade at the exchanges and they will tell you the same thing.

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