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For sometime now I have been working on some online methods to earn money passively.

With the Betfair trading, you are having a J.O.B. You only earn when you work. Stop trading and your income dries up. I hated this.

So I had to resort to searching for my preferred way of earning which is passive income. Yea, I like it when I work once and I am paid multiple times. e.g. when I publish a book, the only work is one time when I write or create the book. After that, it can give me income for a long time as long as it keep selling.

I discovered a few passive methods which I am currently using to make money online. As my reader or subscriber, I am giving you full access to these methods through the books that I have written. Just get any or all of the books and digest. I am not selling these to you. I make money with the methods in the books, so no need asking you to pay.

Just click below and get the eBooks free now.


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